Dedicated to the notion that Tobacco Use Treatment should be represented in all levels of a well-designed population health strategy, the Occupy Tobacco Control movement is our attempt to educate our constituents about the true nature of nicotine dependence treatment, and to help policy makers make better decisions about tobacco control.

It is our attempt to

Define Our Future (video)

Our “crowd of PRO smoker activists”, descending on the Drexelbrook, May 15th, 2012…



  1. What a crew!

  2. Lynn Heyman · · Reply

    So excited to be part of an organization that will fight for the health and wellbeing of our smokers in Pennsylvania!

  3. Billie Goldstein · · Reply

    Let us do whatever it takes to improve our skils at helping people quit.

  4. Mary LeVasseur · · Reply

    Thanks for the creative and positive forum to address the importance of tdt.

  5. Deb Mantegna · · Reply

    This is a great site and forum for a great group. While unable to access the site from work, I was able to log on from my home computer.

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