Remember the date.

It’s the day a bunch of things changed.

Most importantly, it’s the day we decided to “change the frame.”


On 6-12-12, we decided:

  • Smoking is not trivial.  Nicotine addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects brain function and behavior.
  • As long as the people in charge agree that individualized medical care is a good idea, they must also agree that individualized addiction treatment is a good idea.  No such thing as “one size fits all” for smoking.  Fuzzy logic is not allowed. 
  • Effective treatment strategies attend to the multiple needs of the individual.  Multiple needs are not defined as fear, guilt, shame, threat, isolation, marginalization, and disrespect.
  • We no longer tolerate the phrases “single most preventable cause of death” and “treatment is not our responsibility” appearing in the same thought bubble above any decision maker’s head.
  • While we’re on the subject of “single most preventable cause of death”…  As long as effective treatment continues to exist, it must be readily available.  Enough already with all the roadblocks.

This is our first pass at a road map.

This is our destination.


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