New and Improved…

Finding Voice ain’t easy sometimes.

There’s no better way for people to see the value in what we do… then for us to tell them.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:
“Problem-based learning (PBL) is a student-centered pedagogy in which students learn about a subject through the experience of problem solving.   Students learn both thinking strategies and domain knowledge.  The goals of PBL are to help the students develop flexible knowledge, effective problem solving skills, self-directed learning, effective collaboration skills and intrinsic motivation. Problem-based learning is a style of active learning.”

This is what the Pros do… They work in groups to identify what they already know, what they need to know, and how and where to access new information that may lead to resolution of the problem they need to fix.


Athletes watch tape.

Cops have roll call.

We share our cases.

Today, we posted our first completed case discussion.  Congratulations to Mike Barnard for all of his hard work.  Building off of the group’s discussion about communication skills at our last meeting, Mike made the first attempt at describing a case within a standard format.  We used this context to try to learn a little more about the patient’s problem, and how to fix it.  Hopefully, Mike’s case will seem familiar to you in some respects.  See what you think… 

Here’s what you do:

Go to

Click on the Feedback tab

Check out all of “Our Stories” from the smokers’ perspective, and the provider’s perspective.

And don’t forget to check out the case summary section, that begins with the case of the:

60 year old female with skin rash and throat swelling.

Post comments below to let us know what you think and to offer suggestions for future case discussions. 



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